September 14 2021

How to Choose Your Next Community

Let’s face it, over the past two years we’ve spent significantly more time in our homes and around our neighbourhood. Now more than ever we understand the importance of not only loving the space we call home, but loving the community that we are a part of. We wanted to take a moment to remind...

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May 17 2021

Outdoor Activities to do Near McConachie

With new public health measures in effect and recreation facilities closed, we know it can seem difficult to keep your family active. Luckily summer is just around the corner and McConachie offers access to many different open spaces, parks and pathways nearby. Continue reading for five fun (and safe) outdoor activities to do near McConachie: ...

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April 26 2021

The Impact of Lower Interest Rates on Purchasing a Home

What does having a lower interest rate mean for homebuyers? If you have watched the news or have discussed the real estate market in the past year, it’s likely that you would have heard the buzz around Canada’s historically low-interest rates.  Canada’s 5-year fixed rate reached a record low in March 2020 at 0.25%. This...

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March 19 2021

6 Reasons Why McConachie is the Perfect Family Community

   1) Community Schools: – McConachie offers many great options for parents to choose from when selecting a school for their child. Located within walking distance of the community is Edmonton Christian Northeast Campus K-9 (1.8km), Dr. Donald Massey School (1.6 km) and Christ the King (0.4 km), and over 29 other schools just within...

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