April 1 2020

Activities to Do While Practicing Social Distancing

Family at home using laptop

As we all have been impacted by this ever-evolving global pandemic, we firstly wanted to share our ongoing compassion to everyone worldwide as we get through this difficult time together. We are especially thinking about all of McConachie’s wonderful residents and our surrounding neighbours. We hope that at this time, we can do our part to flatten the curve, while still remaining positive and supportive of one another. As we know, McConachie is home to many healthcare professionals, and we would like to thank them for their continued hard work, selflessness and dedication to our community and city.

With school out, we understand the stress that many parents are facing right now of providing child care while working from home. We have put together a list of activities that you can do at home or within the community (while practicing social distancing) to help elevate some of this stress and keep things fun! 

Nature Walks:

While practicing social distancing, it is important that we take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. Taking walks outside is a great way to relieve stress while enjoying some fresh air. McConachie has many walkable pathways that are connected throughout the community. Take a stroll with your kids as often as possible.

Utilize EPL’s Digital Library:

Though McConachie’s Public Library is currently closed in response to COVID-19, you can still access Edmonton Public Library’s Digital Library online. EPL offers amazing resources that you can use at home, including eBooks, Audiobooks, movies, eMagazines and online classes. They offer resources for children of all ages as well as adults! If you don’t already have a library card you can sign up for one online here

Write Letters:

Make the most of this spare time to send thoughtful, handmade cards to friends, family members or people in nursing homes. This is also a great opportunity to send birthday cards to loved ones who have upcoming birthdays. These birthday cards will help make sure that they feel special on their birthdays, even during this difficult time. If you don’t have stamps at home don’t worry, you can buy stamps online here

Tour Museums:

Now you can get lost in many world-renowned museums from the comfort of your own home! Thanks to Google’s Art and Culture project more than 25,000 spaces from around the world are accessible online and many are offering virtual tours. Check this link here to tour many of these famous museums online, including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt:

With playgrounds closed in Edmonton, doing a scavenger hunt in your house is a fun and engaging activity for your kids to do while indoors. Here is a link for some ready-made clues for ordinary household objects to create a scavenger hunt. Happy treasure hunting! 

Rocket Science:

NASA is offering endless online activities for kids K-6 as part of their STEM Engagement program here. Activities include launching rockets, building moon habitats, space puzzles and more fun science, technology, math and engineering activities for families! 

Let us know if you have any other fun ideas for fellow parents in the neighbourhood on our Facebook page! Please remember to always keep at least two arms lengths (approx. 2m) away from others as much as possible and to stay up to date with all government suggestions and regulations during this time. A big thanks to everyone in the community for doing their part to flatten the curve. Stay safe, calm and healthy!