September 15 2018

Why Should You Buy A Quick Possession Home?

In the market for a new home? There are many options and considerations when it comes to buying a house, and looking into a quick possession home might be the right place to start. Continue reading to discover why buying a quick possession home might be the right choice.

You’ve Got No Time to Waste

Buying a quick possession home means there is little to no wait time to move in. No need to play the waiting game when purchasing a quick possession home, which can be necessary when you’re in a time crunch. Whether you’re moving to a new city for a new job, or have a baby on the way, sometimes a quick possession home is the best way to go. Ranging from immediate possession, to within 90 days or 6 months of purchase – these homes are ready when you are. Take a look at the quick possession homes available in McConachie, built by Morrison Homes.

See it to Believe it

Forget about 3D renderings and take a look at the home for yourself. Many people are visual learners, so having the ability to experience the house that may soon become your home is a reassuring bonus. Take a look at these quick possession homes in McConachie, built by City Homes.

No Fuss Pricing

Quick Possession homes have pre-set prices, which means less stress and an easier buying process. Avoid the costly renovations that may be necessary when purchasing a resale home, and take the home as it is; carefully designed and built.

Move-In Ready

Ready to move in, but waiting on renovations to finish up? Sounds like a hassle that won’t be a problem when buying a quick possession home. What’s more, you won’t need to spend time cleaning up a lived-in home, because quick possessions come cleaned to the nines.

Be the First to Call it Home

Quick possession homes are special because of their authentic newness; you and yours will be the very first to break it in, and truly make it a home.


Learn more about the quick possession homes available in McConachie Edmonton, built by Morrison Homes and City Homes.

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