October 23 2018

Decorating your New Home


5 Canadian Decorating Stores to Shop

Moving into a new house is exciting, but once the build is complete it’s on to step two: decorating! We’ve curated a list of some of our favourite Canadian (and local!) furniture stores to help you find the perfect finishing touches for your home.

On the Pricier Side

These three Edmonton-based stores are home to a variety of gorgeous, dream-like pieces that are guaranteed to add a luxurious touch to your new place when decorating.

Mcelheran’s: $$$$

Edmonton Company

Napping on the couch is a Sunday ritual that we’re pretty sure everyone is in on. And what makes for a great couch nap? A great couch of course! Check out this beautiful two-piece leather sectional from Mcelheran’s … all your napping dreams will come true!

Cosafina: $$$$

Edmonton Company

Style is a reflection of yourself, so why not decorate your home in the same way? Shop an assortment of unique coffee tables from Cosafina to add a hint of you to your living room!

A Happy Medium

Find the perfect “in between” price at these elegant furniture galleries. What’s not to like about beautiful furniture at a steal of a deal? Talk about a decorating win! 

Home Envy: $$

Western Canadian Company

Add some flair to your living room with Home Envy’s wide range of chairs. A living room is not complete without some comfy chairs for your guests.

Finesse: $-$$$ 

Edmonton Company

Your bedroom should be a place of peace and relaxation. That said, a large part of your bedroom is the bed, so make sure to choose wisely! Take a look at the selection of bed frames from Finesse, you won’t regret it.

On the Lighter Side

When you’re budgeting for your home furniture and decor, an easy way to save is by seeking out more wallet-friendly decorations. Home accessories such as lights and bedding can be kept simple, yet elegant and gorgeous.

Urban Barn:

Canadian Company

A bedroom truly comes together with the very last finishing touch… a duvet cover! Depending on the tones and hues of the other decorations in your room, the perfectly chosen duvet cover could be the last element your room needs to complete it. Urban Barn has an exceptional list of choices, so take your pick!

Now that we’ve given you our two cents on some of our favourite spots for furniture shopping in Edmonton, it’s time to head out! We would love to see what you find. Share your finalized home decor, and any of your favourite stores we may have missed out on! Good luck shopping, McConachie!

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