June 23 2020

Summer Activities To Do Near McConachie

Since officially welcoming summer on June 20th, we are eager to make the most of the warm weather and sunshine in McConachie! Though this summer will be very different from other years, there are still many things you can do for fun, while staying safe. Continue reading below for some ideas for activities to do...

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June 8 2020

Is Now The Time to Buy?

Even under normal circumstances, purchasing a new home is a big life step and can be very stressful. With that being said, we understand why you might be reluctant to make such a big decision during this uncertain time. Though we can’t predict the future, if you are considering purchasing a home for the first...

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April 1 2020

Activities to Do While Practicing Social Distancing

As we all have been impacted by this ever-evolving global pandemic, we firstly wanted to share our ongoing compassion to everyone worldwide as we get through this difficult time together. We are especially thinking about all of McConachie’s wonderful residents and our surrounding neighbours. We hope that at this time, we can do our part...

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August 8 2019

What “Move-In Ready” Means in McConachie

In your search for a new house, you’ve probably heard the term “move-in ready” more than once. “Move-in ready” can mean a few different things depending on the business, so we’re here to tell you what it means at McConachie! Buying a move-in ready house in McConachie makes the house search process simple. All you...

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